Over the last few days I’ve noticed people have been having issues with QR codes from the site. So here is a step-by-step guide on how to download the QR codes. If any of these steps don’t work make sure to hit up @Yokai_Watch_Wd on Twitter or to comment on this post, if you comment I’ll try my best to help.

Step 1: Finding the link.
The link for the qr codes can be found under the QR codes tab in the games ‘Yo-kai Watch 1, 2 and 3’ and in ‘Yo-kai Watch Blasters’. Once you’ve found the link, click on it and you’ll be offered to download the file in Google Drive. However make sure to delete your browser cache and history first! This is where a lot of people begin to have issues.

Step 2: Downloading the file.
After clicking on the link you’ll be sent to the Google Drive file, it says you can’t preview it, this is because it’s a .zip file (See part 1). Click on download to download the file, then you’ll be sent to a warning screen that Google can’t check for viruses (See part 2). This is no big deal, the file is completely safe. So go ahead and click on ‘download’.

Step 3: Extracting the .zip file.
Once the file finished downloading, check your ‘Downloads’ folder and use the search-bar to find the file: ‘qr.zip’. (From here its easiest to move the file to your desktop or another folder). Right click the file and click on ‘Extract all’. The process will take a bit, but be patient.

Step 4: Viewing the QR codes
Once the the file is extracted a new folder will show up in the same place you placed the qr.zip file. This folder is named ‘qr’, once you open it you can select the qr codes from which game you want to use (Ykw 1, 2, 3 and Blasters). You can then select another folder, these folders include 100 qr codes of the same item, however some of these folders aren’t labelled.

I’ll soon post a guide on which folder contains what item, so keep a lookout for that! Sorry if you had any inconveniences viewing the QR codes, I hope this will make it simpler for younger and older people.