As you already know, aims to be the most complete website regarde Yo-kai Watch data. We are doing our best to go in this direction, without selling your data to third parties and spam you with advertisement.

The shop allows your to support us and get awesome goods. The effect is almost direct: several projects launched, release of movies’ subtitles, release of video games maps, medal and Ark database etc. Many great things helping the community to move forward.

However, everything must come to an end, temporary at least. Starting on September 2019 and for a whole year, nobody will take care of the shop and orders. Unless a miracle happens, we are forced to temporary close the shop.

Since we won’t be available during this time, We have set up two types of promotions to help you in your quest of finding anniversary gifts, Xmas presents or for any other special celebration.

Dynamic Pricing up to -50%

Two dynamic pricing have been set up and have evolved. When adding to your carte the following types of products: Yo-kai Medals, Yo-kai Arks, Snacks and Jaras, a discount on these items shall be applied based on their quantity:

  • -10% for 20 items.
  • -15% for 15 items.
  • -30% for 100 items.
  • -50% for 200 items.

If your cart has Pokémon cards inside:

  • -15% for 50 cards.
  • -30% for 100 cards.

Voucher 15% off on ALL plushes

We have a lot of plushes from various series. No matter if you know about them or not, they shall please everyone, surely thanks to their high manufacturing quality and soft colours.

To help you as much as possible, we are releasing an unlimited voucher “fin“, donnant -15% sur toutes les peluches dans votre panier.

What’s next ?

You already know about it, Yo-kai Watch 4 and the 5th movie will be released this summer in Japan, and this is what has be initially planned on

  • Yo-kai Watch 4 data (medallium, stats, inventory etc).
  • Yo-kai Watch 4 maps in every languages.
  • Movie 5 subs.
  • Update of the Ark database WITH an awesome project we cannot give more details about it. If you liked our QRcodes, you will like this as well.

In order to achieve all of this, we need your help now more than ever:

  • Share the article and the shop link with your friends, family and relatives.
  • Anticipate events and celebrations such as Xmas and Anniversaries.
  • Contact us if you need more information.

In August, we will keep you informed about the site and shop situation for September 2019 and next year. Again, unless a miracle happens, we will have to close the doors for a whole year.

We deeply thank everyone who supported us from the beginning and recently, from near and far. We shall keep giving our best until the very last day.

See you again very soon !