In Blasters T most yo-kai got badly nerfed since Yo-kai have two less moves than in Yo-kai Watch Blasters. So now there are some clearly superior yo-kai, with most of them being devas. I’ll be listing what yo-kai you should use and how to get them. (The yo-kai are listed from good to best and keep in mind these are my opinions)

  • The Boracle is a legendary Mystery Yo-kai with the ability Nav. this is extremely useful if you want to quickly get through a dungeon, he also has the move grab bag so you can grind items and the not so great move trap sensor.
    • You can befriend him in the Forbidden Dungeon when you use a Phrophecy Stone, he is a rare Clu-T-Fact reward.
  • Build-a-nyan also has the ability nav. but what makes him better than the Boracle is that he has triple attack, dodge and power attack. This not only makes him great for support, but he can also deal a great bit of damage.
    • Build-A-Nyan is automatically befriended in Hailey-Anne’s Story.
  • Finally Hinozall awoken, he has by far one of the best abilities in the game: Know-it-all, this will reveal the whole map for the ENTIRE dungeon. He also has the super powerful attack godblade and a really damaging soultimate Gratitude beam with a giant hitbox. This makes him a good attacker and also great for support.
    • Hinozall Awoken can be befriended in the forbidden dungeon with the innovative tag.
  • Righteous Zazel only has paradise as a healing move, although he has the great ability Godspeed, this not only makes him fast but he can also recharge moves quicker. Which means he can easily pull through with tons of paradise although he has a low spirit stat. Other than that he is a great attacker with godsblade and triple attack, but with no defensive move like fall-back attack or invincible stance. And since he’s a deva he can also revive much quicker.
    • Righteous Zazel can be befriended in the Forbidden Dungeon with the Righteous Tag.
  • Fukorokuju is a great easy to get S rank. He has the ability rapid revival and paradise and Spr. Healing Inpirit. This sadly means he heals really slowly and can only apply great heals to 1 ally, since the healing inspirit is hard to hit and it doesn’t help much. He does have a fantastic soultimate, which heals and revives allies.
    • Fukorokuju can be befriended in the aura dungeon with the shining or heavenly aura. You can also challenge him main game by using the auras in BBQ.
  • Finally Elder Bloom, yet again he is the best healer in my opinion. He has the great ability full bloom, which makes reviving quicker and restores the revived yo-kai at half HP. He also has access to Paradise and Circle Restore, which means he can do great singular heals and heal a lot of yo-kai at the same time. He also has the reviving Soultimate full bloom which also heals.
    • Elder Bloom is collected in the medallium when you have: Grainpa, Vacuumory, Q’wit, Greengramps, Tongue-Twister, Frogetmenot, Naandhi and Ol’ Fortune.
  • Daikokuten is another easy to get yo-kai like Fukorokuju, he has the moves Rice Ball and Iron Guard. Rice ball is pretty bad since his spirit stat is garbage but iron guard is one of the best defensive moves. He also has access to Spiritual Healing, this heals Daikokuten when he lands a crit. Other than that he isn’t a great attacker with a bad soultimate and the move attack.
    • He can be befriended as a Clu-T-Fact reward in the aura dungeon using the sandstorm or tornado aura. These auras can also be used in the main game to fight him in BBQ.
  • Fitwit is a Treasure yo-kai, he has the moves rice ball and shield. This makes him pretty much self-sustainable since he has an ok spirit stat and a great hp and defense stat he also has the ability true grit, which makes him hold onto 1hp twice. Not only that but when his soultimate is charged you can deal a ton of damage with it.
    • He can be befriended in the Forbidden dungeon with a silly stone as a Clu-T-Fact reward.
  • Finally Platinos, there is nothing that special about his move set, he has Double Disarmament for support and Ultra Forcefield so he and his allies can negate attacks. What makes him so great is his access to Platinum Guard, Platinummification and his insanely high defense and HP stats. Since Platinos doesn’t need to guard he can keep attacking and charging his soultimate to increase his defense. Spirit attackers won’t be the bane of him either since Water, Ice and Wind attacks do less damage, he has no weakness and a great HP stat.
    • He is befriended on a rooftop in Southmond with the Platinum Pass, you can get this through the Platinum Dream coin or the G1 Dream coin.
  • Any ranged yo-kai is amazing in Blasters T, especially the B yo-kai or Usapyon. They can all do a lot of damage from a distance without being a liability to the tank or healer. Ranged yo-kai also perform well in boss fights since it’s much easier to avoid getting attacked.
    • Usapyon is befriended through the story or in Blasters T and the B yo-kai are link yo-kai exclusives from yo-kai watch blasters.
  • Arachnevil is just like Elder Bloom one of the best yet again. He kept his best moves from Blasters, fall-back attack, triple attack and fiend skill (reduces hp to 1). This makes his skill demon blood activate which gives him a ridiculous attack boost. Sadly his soultimate is still pretty bad. However in Blasters T he is much safer to play, with the legendary Buckler or the Valorous aura you can get a shield which nullifies a hit every 30 seconds.
    • He is a first prize reward in the Oni Crank-a-Kai or as a first prize reward in the Demonic Coin.
  • Finally any Deva Enma, these yo-kai are completely broken in Blasters T, with: quick revives, free items and access to Godsblade. There are 5, Ancient, Umbral, Solar, Infinite and Awoken Enma. The stand outs are: Infinite Enma, because of his soultimate; Enma Awoken, because he becomes ‘great’ every minute and he has dodge and of course Umbral Enma, because he has the highest attack stat and access to fall-back attack.
  • Ancient Enma and Enma Awoken are in the forbidden dungeon with an ancient or awoken tag. The other 3 are befriendable in the last floors of Enma Palace.

(Any feedback is again very much appreciated)

If you need tags, coins or stones you can get them with QR codes obtained from Japanese Bandai medals here: