With the upcoming release of the 4th Yo-kai Watch movie: Shadow Side, and Yo-kai Watch 4 game to be released soon on Nintendo Switch based on the movie universe, we took the initiative to edit and release the manga in English so you can easily understand the whole story and situation.

The manga is a very simple and fast adaptation of the movie which has more depth to its story and characters writing.
You can download and read the manga now.

Also, the Shadow Side anime is coming tomorrow on April 13. With the help of noroinohanako, translator of the manga, we are going to provide subtitle files in English, French and any other languages. If you are interested in helping us translating the anime and have some translating skills, your help is welcome.

You can directly contact us on Twitter where we are hosting a contest to win the manga and a bunch of Bandai medals.
More information on our Twitter account, please join us as it is going to be funny.

Thank you everyone for your support through our shop, site and Twitter. !