Yo-kai Watch 3 has eight different rhythm games where you use the touch screen or circle pad to catch balls and the touch screen or the A button to time circles. Sometimes they can be hard to find and the reward for completing these games is never clearly stated in game. So that is what I will be explaining in this guide. Keep in mind that there will be spoilers for Yo-kai Watch 3.

For hitting the beat as ‘ok’ you will be rewarded with 200 points and for hitting the beat as cool you will get 400 points. These points are multiplied by your combo that you currently have when you get the points. You don’t get any extra points for completing the games without a mistake.

The 8 rhythm games are:

  • Wedding Fox Trot
  • Kaos March
  • Septuple Step
  • Groovalicious Hustle
  • Next HarMEOWny Concert
  • DON-CHAN’s Taiko Tumult
  • KJ Concert
  • Poltz

Once you complete a rhythm game you can play them anytime again during any weather, however you will need to be playing as the right character.

The Wedding Fox Trot is exclusive to Hailey Anne, it is randomly activated in Uptown Springdale by walking around from morning until evening during clear or cloudy weather. After you complete it the first time you will end up at the Mt. Wildwood shrine, if you want to challenge the minigame’s hard mode you can find Vicky Vixen on Mt. Wildwood Trail near Catfish Pond.

The Kaos March can be played as Hailey or Nate, it is randomly activated in Downtown Springdale by walking around from midnight until dawn during clear or cloudy weather. When you complete it you will end up at the beach and you will get a random item from Ake. After that you can challenge hard mode by talking to Ake next to the river, behind a building in Downtown – West Road.

The Septuple Step can only be played as Nate, it is randomly activated in Shopper’s Row by walking around from midnight until dawn during clear or cloudy weather. When you complete the game you will end up in front of Everymart where Mimikins reveal themselves. You can challenge hard mode by talking to Mimikin anytime in the Tranquility Apartments parking lot.

The Groovalicious Hustle can only be played as Hailey Anne, it is randomly activated in Breezy Hills from morning until evening during clear weather. Once the game is completed you will end up somewhere near the stage in Gourd Pond Park. Hard mode can be challenged by talking to an employee next to the stage in Gourd Pond Park in Breezy Hills.

The Next HarMEOWny Concert is part of two quests, in chapter 3 part 6 as Hailey in Illusionary Sparkopolis in the concert hall and in ‘Perform! Dream Floor – Gold’ as Nate in New Yo-kai City in Badabing tower. After completion Hailey simply has done a part of her quest and Nate is done with his quest. You can challenge hard mode in Illusonary Sparkopolis, but not in Badabing Tower, by talking to the Theater Manager. Even though Hailey was originally doing the game in the concert hall, you can play it again as Hailey or Nate.

DON-CHAN’s Taiko Tumult is part of Hailey’s quest: ‘You’re invited to DON-CHAN’s Bash!’. In this quest you will play the minigame and fight some DON-CHANs. The location is Mt. Wildwood Summer Festival, the quest will randomly bring you here by walking by the stairs leading to the Mt. Wildwood Shrine. After completion you can head home and access the festival anytime, including as Nate, by talking to Miradox near Mt. Wildwood Shrine. This means you can challenge hard mode as Hailey and Nate.

The KJ concert can be played during Nate’s quest ‘DJ KJ’s on the scene!’. You can access the game by talking to KJ in Club Koma in New Yo-kai City after finding the yo-kai you are required to for the quest. Then he will ask you if you want to play the game. At first you have to play easy mode, but after completion you can talk to him again to challenge hard mode. This can be done with either Nate or Hailey.

The Poltz is part of Nate’s quest ‘Proof of Poltergeists’, this quest activates in bbq when you obtain Fancy That! Issue 11. The quest must be done at night and after you found all the clues you head to the Old House in East pine and after some dialogue you start the Poltz. To challenge hard mode you need to talk to grubbles in front of the Old House, this can be done as Hailey or Nate. However other than the other rhythm games it has to be night to be able to play the game again.

So what are the rewards for completing all these minigames? You don’t get too much unfortunately.

  • Sometimes you get an item if you play well enough like a bronze doll or an escape puppet.
  • The records for the games can be seen by talking to the yo-kai or people who start the rhythm game and they are put on your player card for other players to see. On your player card it won’t show the record easy mode and hard mode, instead it will pick the difficulty with the best score.
  • You also unlock every music track in the Music app, where you can purchase it for one music card, except for the Next HarMEOWny Concert and DON-CHAN’s Taiko Tumult which can’t be unlocked in the music app at all.
  • Finally the main reason to do these games is after you have done all the hard rhythm games you will get a gold trophy ‘Maestro’.

(The maps were pulled from https://yokaiwatchworld.net/en/game/yokai-watch-3/# and please put any feedback in the replies and message me about any mistake made)