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Hasbro: The end of Yo-kai Watch licence

It is a sad news we have read via an E-mail sent by Hasbro: the end of the Yo-kai Watch licence by Hasbro. Since summer 2018, all products related to Hasbro are no longer manufactured and sold. All your various… Continue Reading →

Hasbro: Arrêt de commercialisation de la licence Yo-kai Watch

C’est une bien triste nouvelle que l’on apprends au détour d’un E-mail de la part d’Hasbro: la commercialisation des produits de la licence Yo-kai Watch est terminée, et ce depuis l’été 2018 dernier. Comme présageait vos nombreux messages et questions… Continue Reading →

An in-depth look at the duration of stunning traps

In Yo-kai Watch Blasters I’m sure everyone has noticed how the duration of stun traps degrade the more you use them, for this article I’d like to give an in depth explanation for how the degrading works and if it… Continue Reading →

Localization Differences (1)

Hello, everyone! I’m Justin, one of the many authors for this news page. What I mostly specialize on is the differences and facts about the process of localization. I also am one of the authors in the Yo-kai Watch Wikia…. Continue Reading →

Ritme Spelletjes Guide Yo-kai Watch 3

Yo-kai Watch 3 heeft acht verschillende ritme spelletjes waarbij de touch screen of de circle pad gebruikt om ballen te vangen en je gebruikt ook de touch screen of de A knop om punten te krijgen van cirkels die verschijnen…. Continue Reading →

Submit News

You can now submit your full Yo-kai Watch 3 solution guide to the site. Please fill the form if you wish to write any useful article, guide, tutorial in your native language. Please take your time and write as much… Continue Reading →

Rhythm Games Guide Yo-kai Watch 3

Yo-kai Watch 3 has eight different rhythm games where you use the touch screen or circle pad to catch balls and the touch screen or the A button to time circles. Sometimes they can be hard to find and the… Continue Reading →

Hoe spellen van andere regio’s werken met elkaar.

Yo-kai Watch Blasters was op 7 september 2018 overgebracht naar de VS, Europa, Australië en ook nog eerder in het jaar in Zuid-Korea. Door restricties tussen regio’s werken ze niet allemaal volledig samen. In dit artikel gaat het over de… Continue Reading →

How games from different regions interact with one another.

Yo-kai Watch Blasters was localized on September 7th 2018 for the US, Europe and Australia and was released earlier that year to South-Korea. With all region locks existing on these games they are all not fully compatible. For this article… Continue Reading →

Venez participer au nouveau site Yo-kai Watch World

Allez, viendez, on va bien s’amuser. Nous recevons des retours sur le site provenant de différentes sources: E-mail, Discord et réseaux sociaux. Nous vous en parlions dans le précédent article, le site s’est construit sans connaitre exactement ce que la… Continue Reading →

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