Hello, everyone! I’m Justin, one of the many authors for this news page. What I mostly specialize on is the differences and facts about the process of localization. I also am one of the authors in the Yo-kai Watch Wikia. So, there might be some content that are used from the Wikia, so please keep that in mind.

And today, I’m going to start things off with some differences that were axed from the original Japanese games, by first talking about the big difference: the Summon App.

If you recall playing Yo-kai Watch 2, you would have known about the Summon App. In that app, you can use the Yo-kai Medals to hear the sounds and experience how the Hasbro toys are like in real life.

But as of Yo-kai Watch 3, that was removed. It was likely due to the case of Hasbro losing the license. As such, the original Japanese Dream Watch sounds were never found. But, because of the US Dub’s Season 3, it was possible for most of the U summonings. (This somehow excluded Lord Enma’s summoning [for the English version], but the French/Spanish versions were able to be heard.)

But, in the sound files of the English version of Yo-kai Watch 3, I was able to find them.

The Dream/U summonings, still in Japanese

It was apparent that this was not completely shown, likely because of how it wouldn’t be localized from Bandai. In the original Japanese version of Yo-kai Watch 3, you could go to the Summon App, and listen to the same sounds as what the actual toys would be doing.

Also in Yo-kai Watch 3, the differences are subtle, when you look in the Yo-kai Medallium. For the Dream Medals, many of the Japanese text was censored; formatted like the Hasbro medals before. Although, for the U medals, it is a different case. For most of the U medals, the artwork hasn’t changed, albeit that it’s still formatted like the previous Hasbro medals. This isn’t too much of a change, as that format is familiar to most Western fans.

I might write up more about it, but as of lately, this is as much as I can explain. I will show more as time passes. But as of now, this is most of the information that can be taken to consideration.

See you then!