Yo-kai Watch Blasters was localized on September 7th 2018 for the US, Europe and Australia and was released earlier that year to South-Korea. With all region locks existing on these games they are all not fully compatible. For this article I will be pointing out all compatability issues in the Blasters (Busters) lineup of games, the regions will mainly include: Europe and the US. Keep in mind that there is no difference between 3ds games from Australia, Europe and New Zealand. There is also no difference between games from Mexico, the United States and Canada.

Box art differences between The US (left) and Europe (right)

First off I’d like to point out that the US version and the European versions are fully compatible online, this was also the case for the Korean version with Korean names showing up as black squares in online play. However after the Moon Rabbit Crew update Koreans are no longer able to connect to other regions. So currently only US and European versions are compatible online, meaning the Korean and Japanese version aren’t compatible with other regions at all.

So online is compatible, what about local play? Well I’m sad to say local play isn’t compatible between any of the regions, this includes streetpass features, local co-op and linking between game versions. If connection were to be attempted players from other regions simply won’t show up. For most people this isn’t an issue, however for the people who have two 3ds consoles from different regions should be very careful when buying the games and they should keep in mind that important features can’t be accessed if you buy the different versions for your two different consoles.

This is overal quite a big deal, since yo-kai like Starry Noko and Arachnevil are restricted to linking and yo-kai like Pandanoko are restricted to streetpass. This means some players won’t be able to 100% the game even though they have both versions and two 3ds consoles. I doubt we’ll see this issue fixed with Yo-kai Watch 3 releasing on the 7th of February for the US, but I will update on this if anything changes between region versions.

(Please reply to this post or contact me if there are any inaccuracies to be fixed)