It is a sad news we have read via an E-mail sent by Hasbro: the end of the Yo-kai Watch licence by Hasbro. Since summer 2018, all products related to Hasbro are no longer manufactured and sold.

All your various messages and questions regarding the availability of Hasbro’s products were a bad sign. There is no longer any kind of Yo-kai Watch products available in Europe and America sold by Hasbro.

We highly doubt Hasbro to keep using the licence as they have lost a lot of money for years now. Even with the release of Yo-kai Watch 4 on Nintendo Switch, it is likely we won’t get anything. Starting all over again for Hasbro will be more than an ambitious project.

An other choice

You are surely in the case where you started a Hasbro medal collection, which will never be completed.

You are surely in the case where you love Yo-kai Watch and wish to keep supporting it.

Fear not, for a very long time, we advise fans to aim for Japanese products mainly sold by Bandai. They not only are complete, but also are high quality products.
More information on our online shop.

By supporting the licence, you are also supporting us, allowing us to keep the adventure going, along with you. We are already working on Yo-kai Watch 4 and the new Level-5 licence: The Snack World

If you have questions on the current situation, the medal collection, what to do first before starting a collection, etc, please contact us via E-mail or Twitter.