Hello everyone,

we’ve been very active on Twitter posting news about the upcoming game Yo-kai Watch 3, to be released in Europe on December 7 and later on February 2019 in the USA.

We would like to warn about a very important piece of information: The video game is only translated into the language of the country where it has been released. That is to say, contrary to the prior releases of the series, the game includes only one language.
If you purchase the game in France, it shall be in French, from Spain in Spanish, from Germany in German, and so on.

Now you know it, please let everyone know and do not hesitate to share this news.
Some people pre-ordered the game from Germany thinking the game would be in English, they are going to be disappointed.

We are, of course, working on the game for days now, but to complete the site database, we have ordered all games.
This is totally unexpected so please consider supporting us through our shop with awesome Yo-kai Watch goods.

Please find some Passwords we believe to work for all versions below.

Thank you for your support !