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Your entries for the Shadow Side Contest

For two weeks, on Twitter, was held a contest which we asked you to edit a specific page from the manga Shadow Side, where the name and picture must be changed by something funny of your choice. The contest has… Continue Reading →

[Release] Yo-kai Watch Shadow Side

With the upcoming release of the 4th Yo-kai Watch movie: Shadow Side, and Yo-kai Watch 4 game to be released soon on Nintendo Switch based on the movie universe, we took the initiative to edit and release the manga in… Continue Reading →

Yo-kai Watch 4 announced on Nintendo Switch by Hakihiro Hino

Confirmed by the Level-5 company president Hakihiro Hino, Yo-kai Watch 4 is under development for the Nintendo Switch. This episode will take place in the world of Shadow Side, 30 years later after the events with Nathan, with the characters… Continue Reading →

Yokai Watch in Russia

When Yo-kai Watch was announced in USA and Europe, video games, toys and anime were released at almost the same time. But was it the same in other countries as well? Today, I’m going to talk about Yo-kai Watch in… Continue Reading →

Wibble Wobble is closing

This is not an April fool joke, after South Korea, Level-5 is putting to an end the Wibble Wobble apps in the USA and Europe. This is what can be read when you start the apps:

Yo-kai Watch Shadow Side Onio no Fukkatsu DVD Release

The 4th Yo-kai Watch movie named Shadow Side: Onio no Fukkatsu (Shadow Side: The King Demon’s Resurrection) will be released in Japan in DVD and Blu-ray on July 4th. You can preorder it now and get a key-chain as first… Continue Reading →

(Français) Saison 3 Yo-kai Watch

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

Testing the Yo-kai Watch U

Highly expected and awaited by the fans, the U model secretly arrived in the French toys shops. Also called “Yo-motion 2X”, the watch features two modes: summoning and attack mode ! Foreword Hasbro was enough kind to send us a… Continue Reading →

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