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Best Yo-Kai for Yo-Kai Watch 3 and How to Get

Note to Devs: Please update this when more qr codes come out. thx Sometimes you have that feeling that your under leveled or your yo-kai aren’t good anymore, well this is here to fix that! This article will be divided… Continue Reading →

Submit News

You can now submit your full Yo-kai Watch 3 solution guide to the site. Please fill the form if you wish to write any useful article, guide, tutorial in your native language. Please take your time and write as much… Continue Reading →

Venez participer au nouveau site Yo-kai Watch World

Allez, viendez, on va bien s’amuser. Nous recevons des retours sur le site provenant de différentes sources: E-mail, Discord et réseaux sociaux. Nous vous en parlions dans le précédent article, le site s’est construit sans connaitre exactement ce que la… Continue Reading →

Yo-kai Watch World

Bonjour et bienvenue sur Yo-kai Watch World, un site international développé pour répondre aux attentes des nouveaux venus et fans de la licence Yo-kai Watch. En vue de l’audience grandissante du site et de l’arrivée de Yo-kai Watch 4 sur… Continue Reading →

(Français) Astuces et secrets sur Yo-kai Watch 2

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

Yokai Watch in Russia

When Yo-kai Watch was announced in USA and Europe, video games, toys and anime were released at almost the same time. But was it the same in other countries as well? Today, I’m going to talk about Yo-kai Watch in… Continue Reading →

Testing the Yo-kai Watch U

Highly expected and awaited by the fans, the U model secretly arrived in the French toys shops. Also called “Yo-motion 2X”, the watch features two modes: summoning and attack mode ! Foreword Hasbro was enough kind to send us a… Continue Reading →

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