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Sometimes you have that feeling that your under leveled or your yo-kai aren’t good anymore, well this is here to fix that! This article will be divided into 3 sections: Early game, post game, and best of best

Early Game

This is the hardest section since you are very limited, but not to worry the bosses are easier just for that. I know there are some really good early crank-a-kai exclusives, but I’m going to stay away from those and the Ambrosia Pavilion So here are my best picks:

Tomorrow Gal
While this seems like a failure of a yo-kai, its a good early healer. While it only has restore, it’s got the caring skill with an all stats up soultimate and a all stats up inspirit. You only need a D-rank watch to get her and she can be found in Southmond on the fire hydrants

This is more of a utility Yo-Kai with the skill of dodging like a boss, the best inspirit in the game confusion, and a tricky to use soultimate that wipes all enemies good inspirits. If used right his soultimate is really, really handy. You can get him with a D-rank Watch in Mt. Wildwood in the brush woods (bamboo background).

originyan is useful not matter how far into the game you are because of his customizable attributes. If he starts failing get better skills and soultimates and train it up with a good nyan. He is obtained through the main story.

Mee 2
If you are far enough into the game you have access to the fancy that issue 23 quest given by whisper. Once completed you have an special healer. While not that good she has the skill to heal two yo-kai at the same time. This is amazing, but also she has a healing soultimate. She stops there as she is not an all-out healer she does not have a healer build or inspirit, but she is still amazingly useful.

Mid-Game/Early Post-Game
Time for some fun yo-kai these will mostly be easy to get B and A ranks, with the occasional S rank, but we hit a lot of good yo-kai with almost no restrictions

Although she is not that good at second glance you may notice her skill that totally destroys defense inspirits. Though this would not be good enough 120 is decent damage for a single hit and her soultimate hits 285 damage which is not bad at all. She can be found in Abandon tunnel in Mt. Wildwood

Whisper… Useful? Hahahahaha! But seriously he is okay for once. He is a slippery tribe yo-kai making him great for the blaster and his skill make your yo-kai be better at dealing critical hits. The only way to get him is the quest near Southmond School for the Fancy That issue 19 you get from an employee on the emergency stairs in the Hinozall detective agency quest. If u need help getting in use can buy lottery tickets for trash with green gramps (thanks ABDSM aka AbdallahSmash016) and get that sand suit.

If you manage to get this yo-kai off of Hazy Lanes than your are st. This yo-kai hits all enemies with his incinerate technique which is the best fire technique in the game. The other main point of this yo-kai is his amazingly balanced stats. His HP is really good with an almost equal spirit and strength stat and a okay speed and defense stat.

Though hard to get a very good healer. Since he is in the slippery tribe he gives, in my opinion, the best blaster there is, slippery seeker. To get him you have to go in all the sewers at night and find the masked men and then go to his sewer in Mt. Wildwood. All worth it because his soultimate heals and REVIVES allies!

never will be beat no matter how far in the game you get (go to the above explanation)

Post Game/End Game
Here are the best of the best and I will go all out so lets get are forbidden fruits ready and befriend

Sighborg Y
This is the only yo-kai in the wandroid tribe and is mostly blan. His only up point is his skill join me. When hit by sighborg Y’s soultimate the yo-kai will turn into Sighborg Y. This works well with yo-kai that reset move timers (like infinite enma) and is really the only reason you will use him. The main way of obtaining is finding and battling for a small chance to befriend. Use this qr code to help and for a special equip only beaten by his other special equip, Daedalus’ Wings given only by Sighborg W rarely. If you need him and are not patient use this:

The best healer in the game, in my opinion! He heals like a boss his ability allows a yo-kai to revived immediately once and his soultimate revives and heals all allies on the field. You can get at level 70, if you are able to defeat her, by throwing 3 ghastly fragments for the Heaven Aura. Good luck on getting the god of luck

Infinite Enma
Really this could be any of the enmas but I chose infinite because he pairs perfectly with Sighborg Y. He slows down time and is just all around amazing. In second place would be Umbral Enma with his OHKO soultimate and then powering him up times three with his skill. Third would be Enma Awoken with his skill of a giant all stat boost on turn 5. Infinite, Solar, and Umbral Enma can be gotten in Blasters T enma palace. Ancient and Awoken Enma can be gotten in Blasters T by using the ancient and awoken tags gotten from Mr. E. Enma can be gotten from the quest The Enma Note which the qr code has not been released yet.

Shogunyan/Last Nyanmurai
As always this yo-kai dominate with amazing triple hits and its altogether legendarieness although he has been nerfed and doppelganged he is still standing strong and can be gotten from the first medallium seal page or using the showdown pass, gotten from the crank-a-kai, in dukesville.

Lets finish this up with the yo-kai that no one thought Level-5 would make, Build-A-Nyan. Go ahead and give me your best builds for him.

And with that I wrap up my analysis (maybe edited at any time) of amazing yo-kai to use based on the point of game you are at. I hope this helps you on your quest to be the best and in competitive battling. These are my opinions so put yours in the comments and happy yo-kai-ing!