In Yo-kai Watch Blasters I’m sure everyone has noticed how the duration of stun traps degrade the more you use them, for this article I’d like to give an in depth explanation for how the degrading works and if it should influence your choice of traps. First off I’d like to clear a few things up.

  • The move ‘Trap’ is identical to a Signibble Trap
  • The move ‘Zaptrap’ is identical to a Signiton Trap
  • Traps in Yo-kai Watch Blasters and Blasters T are exactly the same
  • Traps take two seconds to place

This means that the move trap and zaptrap are infinite sources of Signiton and Signibble traps and don’t affect the results of them being used.

So I did some testing about the degration of traps and here are the results of the testing:

It’s important to note that if any stun trap placed will make the others worse. So for example if you place a Signibble Trap of 2 seconds for the first time and then place a Statiking Trap then the Statiking Trap will only last for 4.75 seconds. Out of these statistics we can conclude that:

  • All traps even after 1000 uses in one battle keep lasting 0.75 seconds
  • So eventually all traps are equal in power
  • This means that if you want your whole team to have stun traps, the most optimal setup would be to place 4 Statiking traps and 4 signibble traps. This is so you don’t waste any of those precious Statiking traps.

(I’m always looking for feedback, if anything’s missing or wrong make sure to reply or to message me on discord)