December 2018

Yo-kai Watch World

Bonjour et bienvenue sur Yo-kai Watch World, un site international développé pour répondre aux attentes des nouveaux venus et fans de la licence Yo-kai Watch. En vue de l’audience grandissante du site et de l’arrivée de Yo-kai Watch 4 sur… Continue Reading →

Yo-kai Watch 3 QR Codes

Hello everyone, We finally have released for every Yo-kai Watch 3 players all QR codes needed. From the regular coin QR Code to the Sangokushi items, you can now get all Yo-kai for your medallium without the need to wait.That’s… Continue Reading →


Hello everyone, we’ve been very active on Twitter posting news about the upcoming game Yo-kai Watch 3, to be released in Europe on December 7 and later on February 2019 in the USA. We would like to warn about a… Continue Reading →

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